Assessments and Weigh-Ins

Assessments & Weigh-Ins

Are you overwhelmed with all the fitness jargon out there? Don’t know how to loose those last nasty 5-10 pounds? Are you looking for easy answers about training and loosing weight?

Enroll for your fitness assessment!

*Important: Our weigh-ins and assessments are just like classes. If unfortunately you cannot attend after enrolling online, please log-in to your account and remove yourself from your enrollment. Our RESERVATION POLICY is still in effect for our weigh-ins and assessments. If you don’t show up, you’re taking a spot from someone else that wants to be there. Thank you! Email us here to reserve your assessment: [email protected].

At our weigh-ins we will:

  • Take your current weight, body fat%, Resting Metabolic Rate and Water %
  • Measure your arm, chest, waist, hips and leg

*To weigh-ins, you may dress comfortably. You will be removing your shoes and socks, so sandals are easiest. Since we’ll be measuring your body, please wear clothing that easy to lift, move and get to your appropriate places to measure.



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