Commitment Descriptions


When you become a monthly Fit Fanatic Member, you’ll receive the following benefits as opposed to our class series packages:

  • Schedule your classes in advanced before payment is made for the following month
  • Add extra a la carte classes at the low investment of $18 (Save $7)
  • Faster results towards your fitness goals and journey
  • Community and closer instructor motivation and body knowledge (since you train more often)
  • Fitness is an investment. Save more money on your fitness journey.
  • Receive 10% off all Fit Factor retail items

1 Year Monthly Memberships

  • Unlimited classes a month – $219/month (Up to 2 classes a day)
  • 10 classes a month – $159/month
  • 5 classes a month – $99/month

*One class per day.

6 & 3 Month Class Packs

  • 20 Class Series – $499/flat one time payment – good for 6 months
  • 10 Class Series – $279/flat one time payment – good for 3 months

*One class per day.

Single a la Carte Class: $30

*One class per day.

Please read the info below carefully and know the new early, late and no show reservations. Thank you!


To ensure reservation in a class, please sign into your personal online profile and reserve your desired service ahead of time. Drop-ins and walk-ins are not allowed. All of our classes are semi-private and close at a capped capacity of 10 or 12 clients depending on the type of class. Reservations and cancellations must be done online by the client. Emails and voice messages are not acceptable forms of reservations or cancellations. Please read this carefully and know the new early, late and no show reservations. Thank you!

LATE CANCELLATIONS (8 hours prior to the start of class)

By reserving your spot in class, you are committing to showing up to class on time and ready to kick some butt. When you don’t respectfully cancel a class reservation that you are unable to take, you are taking up a valuable spot in that class and a chance for someone else to transform their body. Please respect everyone’s time and effort. If you need to cancel your class reservation, please do so at least 12 hours PRIOR to the start of class. If you do not cancel 12 hours PRIOR to the start of class, you will be charged a $15 Late Cancel Fee, however you will keep the class credit on your account.

If you reserve a class, please show up! We understand that life happens, however if you get into the habit of early and late cancelling, your body will take longer to transform and it will throw you off your fitness course and goals. We value your transformation and want you to succeed. We use the term here at The Fit Factor: Click It, Do It, See it!

NO SHOWS (No Show, No Cancellation, No Good)

We pride ourselves on having a small intimate studio and if you do not show up you are needlessly taking a valuable spot away from other Fit Fanatics that wish to enroll for class. If you do not show to class at all there will be a No Show Fee of $25 AND you will lose that class credit on your account. Remember: Click it, Do It, See It!

CLASS WAIT-LIST (On it until 2 hours before class)

That sucks! Your favorite class is full. But wait…there’s wait-list availability. If a class is full, you may add yourself to the wait list. The wait-list for all classes closes 12 hours prior to the start of a class. This means, if you want to be automatically added to a full class if someone else cancels out, you need to be on the wait list 12 hours PRIOR to that class time. If you get added into the class from the wait list, you’ll get an email or text immediately. You’re in – so show up!

*Please note: technology is sometimes iffy. Check your MindBody account to see if you’ve been added to the class.

What if the 12 hour mark has passed and I didn’t get added from the wait list yet? Keep checking the ‘LIVE’ class roster for that particular class. You will get top priority for being added to a class, in the order of the wait list, before any other clients. Wait list has its advantages!

*If you have not been added in to the class and you’re not sure if you want to make it or not, please REMOVE yourself from the wait-list so that the next person on the wait-list may move up in the queue. You can be added in to a class from a wait-list up to 2 hours before the class. So if it’s 10pm at night and you’re on the wait-list for our 6am class and you haven’t been added in to the class yet and you do not want to wake up at 5am to see if you’ve been added, please REMOVE yourself from the wait-list. You might get a reminder at 2am that someone got sick and late canceled and you’ve now been added to the class. Please be responsible when signing up for our wait-list You’re responsible for the classes you’ve enrolled.

What if the 12 hour mark has passed – the wait list is closed – and I want to take that class if a spot opens up? If you don’t get into a class or on the wait-list, check the LIVE schedule for any last minute openings. Again, please be careful and understand that it’s your responsibility for all class charges, late cancels and/or no show fees.