Important Frequently Asked Questions

This page was designed for you! We wish to assist you in every way we can. Please review this page prior to emailing us any questions. Your question will probably be answered here.

What type of classes do you offer at The Fit Factor Studio?

CLICK HERE for a complete list of our class descriptions​

We offer several different types of classes here at The Fit Factor all created in our signature 50 minute time structure!

    • Our signature 50 Minute Factor – Focuses on fat loss! This is a High Intensity Interval Training class using treadmills, weight baring exercises and cardio circuit training.
    • Barre for Babes – A low impact workout focusing on deep muscle conditioning and body realignment based on a strong ballet and Pilates technique.
    • The Fight Factor– Focuses on kicking butt! This is a High Intensity Training class using boxing gloves and is based on 3 minute boxing rounds (10 ounce – 12 ounce boxing gloves preferred).
    • Vinyasa Yoga – A low impact training session focusing on flexibility, breath and mindfulness.
    • Flexibility & Flow - This class focuses on flexibility and slowing down from our busy day to day schedules. This class incorporates foam rolling, stretching and assists the body perfectly for recovery from our high impact classes.

What should I wear to class?

You will sweat! We suggest wearing proper workout attire. Invest in your training attire. It will make a difference.


  • Tops: Sports bras, sports tank tops and sports shirts are recommended
  • Bottoms: Yoga pants, capri training pants are recommended. Sweat pants are not recommended. Capri pants are recommended for Barre classes so that the instructor can see your ankles and feet clearly.


  • Tops: T-Shirts or tank tops
  • Bottoms: Basketball Shorts are best!


  • Proper running shoes (Note: remove the insoles from new tennis shoes and replace with running insoles for proper shock absorption). Please note: do not wear your outside/park/hiking shoes to class. After wearing your shoes on muddy ground, there is a tendency to bring in dirt and debris in to the studio floor. Please keep you inside studio shoes separate from your outside shoes. Thanks! 
  • Weight lifting gloves are highly suggested for our HIIT training classes.

What should I bring to class?

  • Water – Make sure you bring a water bottle with a top/cap to class. You will get thirsty!
  • Towel – Please bring a small sweat towel to class. You’ll need it for your mat and you will sweat!
  • Workout gloves – These are not required, but helpful when gripping weights (for The 50 Minute Factor Class)
  • Barre socks and/or gloves – These are not required, but helpful when preventing your feet and hands from sliding on the floor and/or barres.
  • Boxing gloves or hand wraps if you are taking Fit Factor Fight Club
  • Yoga Mat to all Yoga classes

You may purchase 10oz or 12oz Velcro Strap Bag Gloves on this link to Bilt Tuff

*Please do not bring these items to class:

  • Open soda cans
  • Coffee mugs
  • Food
  • Large workout bags
  • Valuables

Please keep it simple, and let us provide the rest.

What type of shoes do I wear?

  1. The 50 Minute Factor Class: Proper running shoes (Shoes are required – please no flat “slip-ons”)
  2. Barre Classes: Bare feet, socks or “Sticky Barre Socks” (this is your preference – the floor is wood)
  3. The Fight Factor Class: Proper running shoes (Shoes are required – please no flat “slip-ons”)
  4. Yoga, Flexibility & Mobility Classes: Bare feet or any socks
  5. 50/50 Factor: Proper running shoes (1/2 of the class is completed in tennis shoes and the other 1/2 is completed barefoot or in socks)

Where can I park?

Alhambra offers free 1-2 hour street parking on Main Street and First Street. Please check correct street signage. There are two free 4 hour parking structures:

    • First Street (between First Street and Garfield – South of Main Street and The Fit Factor Studio). Please note that First Street is a one way street facing north. This structure is closest to the studio.
    • First Street (between First Street and Garfield – North of Main Street and The Fit Factor Studio). This structure is close to the studio and 1/2 a block away north.
    • There is also a free street level parking lot located between Second Street and First Street located behind Rick’s Burgers and Subway. Please note that this parking lot is 2 hours only.
    • For all 5am classes, please park in the structures ONLY. DO NOT park on the streets. There is street sweeping until 6am.

Please do not leave any valuables in your car. Just leave them at home.

I’m running late for class…what should I do?

Fit Factor Clients have until 10 minutes after the start of the class to arrive and still make it in to their scheduled training class. After 10 minutes, your spot will be forfeited and/or you will not be permitted in to your training. This is for your safety (warm-up purposes) and we also may have other clients waiting for that spot to open up.

If you know ahead of time (before class starts) that you will not make it to class on time (at least 10 minutes after the start of class), we ask that you late cancel yourself out of the class. Yes, you will be charged the $15 Late Cancel fee, however you will get to keep and reschedule that class credit. Safety is our #1 priority to all of our clients and if you are not present at the beginning of the class for the warm up and initial stretch, you will not be admitted to class at the discretion of the instructor.

If you are not admitted to class by the instructor after the warm up period, it will equal a late cancel ($15.00 charged and class credit reissued) as your lateness does take up a spot in class that could have been occupied by another client. Please make sure you are on time to class and we appreciate your understanding of our policies and consequences of being late. It’s about your safety and maximizing your 50 minutes when you’re here.

TIP: If your class begins at 6:00pm, think of it beginning at 5:45pm (not 6:00pm) and this may assist in your preparation in arriving on time. For your safety, please arrive to each class 10 minutes before the start time of your training. This gives you time to get your equipment, get situated, warm-up and clear your mind.

I haven’t worked out in a long time (or ever). Will I be okay?

Yes. Every ‘Fit Fanatic’ is at his or her own fitness level. Every workout can be modified to your own personal level. Our workout will take diligence and commitment. If you’ve been sedentary for awhile, the first (and probably the second, third, and fourth) workout might be difficult, but keep going! Your body will begin to change and transform before your eyes, and the results will make you appreciate all your hard work and commitment. It will get easier (well sort of – you will then hit new levels of strength).

Our intimate class setting allows students to go at their own workout pace. No one holds anyone up, and no one ever gets held up by others.

I have an injury. Will this workout be okay for me?

We have students with all levels of fitness. If you have an injury, please let your instructor know before class begins and we’ll make note of it in our computer database system so that all of our instructors will be mindful of your injury. Please note: You should have your doctor’s approval before participating in any strenuous activities.

For example, if you have a knee injury, keep all of your workouts at a low impact level and your knees should work with you. When we run, you can keep it at a brisk walk. All of the moves are adaptable, so no one is left out of The Fit Factor routine. Take the class at your level of physical ability.

Who is a good candidate for The Fit Factor?

Individuals that wants to transform their body, health, and live fully. We focus on fat loss! If you’re interested in transforming your body, The Fit Factor is the place to accomplish that goal.

How many people are in each class?

We pride ourselves on having small and intimate classes with no more than 10 – 12 people. Advanced on-line reservations are a MUST prior to the start of a class. Also, make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policies so as to be courteous to our instructors and other clients that may want to be added to a class. Most classes consist of around 7-12 clients.

*Please see our Cancellation Policy page for more detailed information.

Have children – May I bring them to class? They’re just going to watch.

We love you and your kids! Just please do not bring them to class with you. They are not allowed to sit and watch as Mom or Dad are sweatin’ and rocking out. It can be distracting to our clients and may disrupt the class, especially your own work-out. Keep the kiddies at home and your work-out will be that much more fun.

What if I want to end my monthly membership?

Please email us least 30 days before your next automated monthly payment to let us know of your cancellation. This will give us plenty of time to take you off our auto payment. Requests made in less than 30 days will still be honored, but a penalty fee will be assessed. We’d be sad to see you leave, and will send you off with love and good wishes. Please send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

I want to lose weight and fit in my skinny jeans. Can you help me with that?

Of course! If you truly wish to get into those skinny jeans and drop a pant size- set a goal and stick to it at least for 6 months. Commit to at least 2-3 classes per week and ignite your body into becoming more tone and supple. Transform your body even further by changing your nutrition and food intake- drink plenty of water with a well-balanced diet. As fitness becomes life you’ll be left addicted and wanting more. Let’s do this!

Do you offer Personal Training Session with your expert coaches?

Yes we do! Please visit our website and schedule your session online if there is a Fit Factor expert that you wish to work with on a personal level. It’s so simple! Please email us at: [email protected]

Live Fully.

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