Hardcore Hurricane

This is an intense training method and formula created by Martin Rooney, the creator of Training for Warriors. Hardcore Hurricane is a combination of high intensity cardio (sprints) with muscle building exercises, and flexibility. This training is designed to confuse and fatigue your muscles and train your body to recover rapidly. It is an efficient workout to burn fat, build muscle, build strength and build endurance. You’ll have a fun-filled adrenaline experience with music that will keep you moving for 50 minutes!

Hardcore Hurricane consists of three sets. Each set includes 3 rounds. Each round begins with a sprint, followed by 2-3 weight bearing exercises. All 3 sets are different. This adds up to 7-9 sprints and 7-9 different weight training exercises.

If you wish to get the most out of your fitness and health goals, this training is recommended to do 1-3 a week or combined with any other HIIT class (50 Minute Factor). All levels are welcome: recommended for intermediate and advanced clients.