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50-Minute Factor

Achieve your optimal sleek, strong and defined physique with this H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) small group class. Strengthen your entire body and crank up your heart rate in our signature 50 Minute Factor intense muscle building and heart pumping class. Work efficiently while having fun and building your best body now!

Hardcore Hurricane

This is an intense training method by Martin Rooney, the creator of Training for Warriors. A combination of high intensity cardio (sprints) with muscle building exercises, and flexibility. This training is designed to confuse and fatigue your muscles and train your body to recover rapidly. It is an efficient workout to burn fat, build muscle, strength and endurance. A fun-filled adrenaline experience with music that will keep you moving for 50 minutes!

The 50/50 Factor

Receive the best of both worlds in this class. Be prepared to move quickly from H.I.I.T.(High Intensity Interval Training) to Yoga in this 50 minute hybrid class.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a a true total body workout. Yoga Sculpt is a certified Core Power Yoga training, a Yoga Alliance®’s Registered Yoga School (RYS®) . This class combines plyometrics, cardio, yoga, and weightlifting all in 50 minutes!

The Barre Factor

This is our signature Barre class developed by our creator Joanna Vargas, former dancer and choreographer. This is a low impact, high intensity, 50 minute full body Pilates class. The class uses traditional Ballet Barre techniques, light weights, Pilates Mat work and of course fun music to keep you motivated and smiling (well...we hope so)!

Kickass Kettlebell

Drop the dumbbells and get a kick ass Kettlebell workout using the proper technique and form. This is a fast paced, Kettlebell swinging, sweat inducing class that will get you ready to build strength, boost stamina, burn fat, and focus on breath control and movement. We focus on correct form, alignment and breath.

The Fight Factor

A perfect way to relieve stress and have a kick ass fun time! It’s 50 minutes of H.I.I.T. with boxing drills, moving from different circuit training stations, shadow boxing and light/medium dumbbells. You will keep you heart rate up with plyometric movements in between each boxing circuit.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga uses breath to synchronize movement. You will flow from pose to pose smoothly, linking breath to movement, putting a focus on listening to your own body. Benefits of this practice include reducing stress, weight loss, healing injuries and emotional turmoil, increased focus and much more. All levels are welcome.

Flexibility and Flow

Stretch your body, quiet your mind and feel the flow in this low impact training class. You will breathe deeply into some simple and more difficult stretches that allow for better flexibility, blood flow and piece of mind.

Yoga Fit

Yoga Fit combines the best of both worlds by bringing traditional light weight exercises and mild cardio into traditional Yoga sequences, poses, meditation and Savasana.