The 50 Minute Factor

Achieve your optimal sleek, strong and defined physique with this H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) small group class. Strengthen your entire body and crank up your heart rate in our signature 50 Minute Factor intense muscle building and heart pumping class. Work efficiently while having fun and building your best body now!

This class uses our treadmills for warm-up, sprints and high intensity training in order to kick your body into fat burning gear. You will use dumbbells, Kettlebells, resistance bands, balance balls, medicine balls and so much more. Each class consists of weight bearing intervals with either weights or body weight. Your body will burn 300-700 calories (or more: depending on the intensity and BMI) in 50 minutes and will assist you in burning fat for the next 48 hours if training is completed properly and at your highest level of personal intensity.

This is a high impact and high intensity class that will challenge you. This training is designed to confuse your muscles (It’s a good confusion 😉 Trust us.) and work your entire body. No two classes are ever the same. Some classes focus on certain body parts and can vary day to day. All levels are welcome. Please see our advanced class schedule for advanced clients.