The Barre Factor

This is our signature Barre class developed by our creator Joanna Vargas, former dancer and choreographer. This is a low impact, high intensity, 50 minute full body Pilates class. The class uses traditional Ballet Barre techniques, light weights, Pilates Mat work and of course fun music to keep you motivated and smiling (well…we hope so)!

Don’t let this class fool you! It’s a “toughie” and we’ve heard it be described as “Way harder than it looks” by many. This class is conducted barefoot(or in barre socks-it’s your preference) similar to a jazz or modern dance class. This is a fat-burning training that will sculpt muscle, lengthen your limbs, and strengthen your stubborn areas like your core, hamstrings, glutes, arms, as well as help with flexibility. Work on your center of balance and maximize your body’s full potential. Your butt will thank you for it! All levels are welcome.
Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa Yoga uses breath to synchronize movement. You will flow from pose to pose smoothly, linking breath to movement, putting a focus on listening to your own body. Benefits of this practice include reducing stress, weight loss, healing injuries and emotional turmoil, increased focus and much more. All levels are welcome.

*Please bring your own Yoga Mat to all classes for your own practice. We do have communal yoga mats for our newbie Yoga clients to borrow. Please note it is good practice to bring and own your own Yoga Mat for future classes.