The Fit Factor Story

The Fit Factor Story

The Fit Factor Studio broke ground in November of 2011 in Alhambra, California in beautiful Downtown Alhambra. The Fit Factor Studio is the brainchild of Joanna Vargas; Fitness and Pilates Trainer and Professional Dancer and Choreographer. Joanna’s mission is to inspire her clients to wake up and live full vibrant lives!

Joanna saw the need for an all in one workout that could fit her busy lifestyle. She found great specialty classes and studios, but she knew something was missing. She was looking for a studio that carried both HIIT and Barre/Pilates in one roof. She wanted a studio that would keep her accountable and give her a sense of community and wholeness. That’s when she decided to build a studio centered on getting your body results while smothering you in sweat, beat rockin’ music, and love. As fitness becomes life and your body becomes more tone and supple you’ll be left addicted and wanting more.

Being at The Fit Factor Studio empowers you to be excited to wake up in the morning, and to live the vibrant energetic gift that has always been inside of you. While we hold you accountable and push you to be your best, we keep in mind that your personal best is different every day.

If the finish line is your fitness goal- would you stop once you reached it? Or are you going to keep going beyond the finish line? As you race towards your personal best and commit to tapping into your inner power, you become unstoppable at reaching your fitness goals and beyond. Invest in your life today, and become The Fit Factor at our high and low-impact circuit training party!

Live Fully.