Why the Fit Factor?

Because we’re made up of bad ass Fit Fanatics!

Our training is Fun.

It’s Quick.

And we have Easy Enrollment.

…And we’re bad ass and our Fit Fanatics will tell you why.

“I’ve only taken the 50 minute fit factor classes but I’ve loved all of them. The combination of treadmill and circuit training is a lot more fun and interesting than the other classes I’ve gone through with Classpass i.e. barre classes. I would come back for sure!”

– Jessica Kuo via Google +, March 2015

“I’ve been a member of Fit Factor since September and have loved it ever since. I’ve been to many bootcamps but I found that Fit Factor is the best one yet. You get semi personalized training, great instructors, an awesome workout, motivation to keep going, fun music, nice equipment and so much energy. I usually mix up my workouts with 50 minute factor and Fight Club and Body Barre when there are openings. Joanna and Jamal are so great and I can’t thank them enough for all the motivation they have given me. They are so energetic and make workouts fun! Jennifer, the studio manager is also really sweet and has been so understanding wih everything. My husband and I love the classes at Fit Factor. At first I was losing weight but then I got pregnant and took a little break. Now that I’m in my second trimester, I am continuing my workouts there and feel greater than ever. Right now, I’m going to not lose weight but to be fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy. My husband has been toning up and I’ve noticed my fellow Fit Fanatic team mates have been trimming down and looking great. Since I had to cut out caffeine, the workouts in the morning really keep me going throughout the days and week.

So no excuses! If I can do it, anyone can. Im pregnant, work 5-6 days a week and still make time to go. You owe it to yourself!! You have to be motivated and want it. Thank you again Fit Factor!”

– Kim D via Yelp, February 2014

We stand out.

We stand out because our vision is to get you excited about waking up in the morning, and living the vibrant energetic gift that has always been inside of you. As you work to build your mind and body you help build our unique and intimate community. Our studio is committed to having each member live fully, and once you tap into your inner power you will be unstoppable.Does your schedule change often? No problem. Are you that busy hip mom, or that stuck in the office 9-5 tie guy that needs to sign up for classes on the go? We’ve got you covered. You can enroll and change your classes on your smart phone, iPad, or computer- we know your time is precious.The Fit Factor studio transforms into a fitness party in a box where you can be yourself and share the intoxicating and infatuating journey of being fit with a community that cares. We make it easy to come sweat it out with us, and feel the inner power of pushing yourself and others to the next level. Invest in your life today, and become The Fit Factor at our high and low-impact circuit training party!

We base our training at The Fit Factor with these principles:

  • We build a strong community with heart and desire.
  • We strengthen your body from the mind and spirit outwards.
  • We have small group training classes that motivate you to live fully.

Live Fully.